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Typewriter Poetry consists of two publications: #NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Month) and the zine.


ZINE: Typewriter Poetry, Issue 1

Typewriter Poetry is currently accepting submissions on a rolling basis.

We are interested in experimental literature and art. If you have an interest in transcending genre or blending styles and form, submit your work.


  • Poetry
    • Concrete Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
    • Essays
    • Reviews
  • Flash Fiction
  • Snapchats
  • Visual Art
    • Photography
    • Video
  • Correspondence
    • Letters
    • Emails
  • Audio
    • Field Recordings
    • Ambient Sound
    • Music


Attach your submission as a .doc, .pdf, high resolution .jpeg, .wav, or Google Document.
Include the subject: [Category Name] Submission
Send to: typewriterpoetry [at] gmail [dot] com


BLOG: Featured poems for National Poetry Month 2016

SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED. We will reopen submissions for #NaPoWriMo from March 2017 to June 2017.

During National Poetry Month, one poem is spotlighted and five additional poems are shared on each day in April.

Submissions is easy: tag #typewriterpoetry and @typewriterpoetry in your Instagram pictures.

(Don’t have an Instagram? Send us an email.)

Curated poetry features poems from all over the world. Ranging from literary to popular, experimental to artistic, there is only one requirement: your work must utilize a typewriter in some way. (Digital typewriter fonts do not count.)