Here’s the second piece in a new mixed media painting series entitled Quantum Poetica: “i do do i i do.”

If you missed the first one, here’s a reflective look at “Actions Birth Sound” & the magic of welding painting with typewriter poetry.

This piece turned out relatively similar to what I originally envisioned:

Quantum Poetica - i do do i i do - lo-res - Billimarie Lubiano Robinson - February 2020
Quantum Poetica: “i do do i i do” by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson (2020)

For a long time, I tried to keep the words in the center visible: i do do i i do. At some point in the process, I became impatient and tried to lightly tint the words with watered down black acrylic. I did not take kindly to it looking like the stain of an untrue smudge–and so, blacking all the words out seemed fitting enough.

The title and the meditative spiral made of textured stitches of paint make perfect sense to me. I’m interested in trying this method again with different patterns, different shapes. The black on black, the careful blobs of paint, the sound as the words take shape in your mouth like a mantra singing you home: i do do i i do do i i do do i i do do i–

Thanks for reading my normally private reflections on the creative process. If you have a moment to comment or send me an email, I would love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime, you can view the rest of my paintings in the Typewriter Poetry shop, and even place an order for the original canvas or a high-resolution print:


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