Beyond Words: Princeton Library’s Fall Benefit

Captivated by conversation, tapas and wine, attendees were enthralled by the night. In a literary wonderland reflected through timeless glass, everyone bubbled. Princeton Library celebrations were led by live classical music, auctions, vendors, food, dancing, and free poetry. I’m honored Typewriter Poetry played a small role in the enchantment, even if it was for one night (and one night, only).

"Friday the 13th" by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson (eira) - "Everyone's got a number. / You're either lucky / or you're not. Me? / I've been spinning off a dime, drenched / in spontaneous time. Caught the last flight out / of Honolulu. Grabbed howzit's / from people with the best intentions. / All this despite a morning" (Typewriter Poetry)

“Friday The 13th”

On Friday the 13th, I had a very lucky day hitchhiking. A beautiful family picked me up on the side of the road in Lihue, Kaua’i, Hawaii. They even gave me $10 for the bus fare. I left them this original poem underneath the bus bench they dropped me off at…hopefully they received it 🙂 Mahalo!

"Butterflies of New Beginnings" by Billimarie Lubiano Robinson - "Crawling is a slow path / unto greatness, proceeding only intuition / the mother of cosmic beauty." (Typewriter Poetry)


My friend Natacha gave me this prompt: “a poem about the butterflies of new beginnings” Butterflies of New Beginnings Crawling is a slow pathonto greatness, proceeding only intuitionthe mother of cosmic beauty. How fitting that we rise and fallout of moondust and starshine,as if life–full and restless with purpose–had foreseen Read more…