A Poem for Ophelia

Ophelia–also known as “Killer Rabbit”–is the one in the blue #15 helmet. That evening, she moved in a way that reminded me of my younger self. An untouched sure-footedness which, I think now, stems from being oblivious of your own confidence. It’s something tough. Lasting. The aura before you discover what awkwardness really means.

The Happy Poem

Last week at the Canoga Park Art Walk, I had the pleasure of meeting Julie. She’s the type of person who puts out an energetic vibe, and so I was very happy to write a poem for her based on the prompt “happiness.”

“People Like Us”

prompt: “That moment of excitement when you’re so passionate about what your talking about that you have no choice but to scream, squeal or just fall down dead.” I loved this prompt because I know exactly what you mean, so I hope this does it justice.


My friend Natacha gave me this prompt: “a poem about the butterflies of new beginnings” Butterflies of New Beginnings Crawling is a slow pathonto greatness, proceeding only intuitionthe mother of cosmic beauty. How fitting that we rise and fallout of moondust and starshine,as if life–full and restless with purpose–had foreseen Read more…