Mika came up to me the first day I typed in Princeton. She was excited, alive–no hesitation in her stance or her talk. I admit, I was surprised to encounter someone like her in Princeton of all places. We connected with an immediacy reserved for those who fully recognize one another. (Full disclaimer: Mika offered me a delicious crepe while I typed for her, and also invited me out for drinks with friends later that night, so I might be a tad bit biased.)

Two weeks ago, I took the train to Philly and caught a ride with a friend out to Wallingford. Mika’s band, Mobius Percussion, put on an incredible performance.


Mobius Percussion is a group of four innovative musicians coming together to build something spectacular as they ascend into the realm of performance and art. Their renditions are visceral vesper reminders from long forgotten dreams. I was taken by their music to a multitude of places, including a secluded, enchanted clearing with the unmistakable attribute of being “just outside of reach.” With occasional heart pounds and short breath, I fell into a mirrored lucid dreamscape in which I sometimes ran, often meandered, down a path shaded by thick airy trees and brilliant rainwater dew remnants from full moon midnight lights. I was, and continue to be, enthralled by the lofty experience Mobius offers. It deserves to be witnessed in person, but until then, here are two amazing videos you can enjoy:

And of course, here’s the poem I wrote for Mika on the day we met. Thanks for sharing–and happy birthday!

Some people fade
from memory, but you
rush lightning into view

an intensive course in learning
to be human

(regain humanness!)

we do forget
in the act of it all–
It All! When life interrupts
our title pages, what
can we do

but take up our wailing yodels
to a wide, expansive universe
and Be
from a distance


oh, the quiet importance
of remembering threads
threading thoughts
and people

september 4th 2014


Richard Guest · November 26, 2014 at 1:38 PM

This is such a lovely post, billimarie and Mobius are great! Your poem, as always, is a real treat.

    billimarie · December 10, 2014 at 8:10 PM

    Thanks, Richard! I’m glad you checked out Mobius 🙂

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