Closing out 2014 with one of my favorites.

Etsy Typewriter Poetry Poem "Couple #1." Medium shot against midnight blue and white baroque card stock.

Etsy Typewriter Poetry Poem "Couple #1." Dutch angle against midnight blue and white baroque card stock.

Normally I hate strongly dislike watermarks, but this one is starting to grow on me. The wonders of Photoshop!

“Couple #1” is the first in a series of poems called “The Couple Series.” It was conceived when–following a breakup and other intense life stuff–I somewhat impulsively decided to fly to Hawaii and backpack through the islands. Away from the mainland, I wrote all sorts of poetry about real couples I would witness, my previous relationships, and fictional couples I’d get to know while walking by myself along the sand.

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Etsy Typewriter Poetry Poem "Couple #1." Close up against midnight blue and white baroque card stock.

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Must've been winter
when we last laughed
over coffee

and my scorched tongue

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Free Typewriter Poetry Poem for Readers

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As a thank you for your curiosity, insight, and kind words over the years, I’d like to send you a free poem.

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Have a wonderful New Year! 🙂


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