It’s Day Twenty of National Poetry Month! You know what that means…just eleven more days to write a poem a day 🙂

Need some inspiration? Read through the fresh batch of typewriter poetry below, or visit the Daily Inspiration post to read a quote from Adrienne Rich and a variety of other writers speaking candidly about writing poetry.

Inspirational Writing Quote

Today’s inspiration comes from Adrienne Rich:

A Poem A Day

The Typewriter Poetry Edition

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Day 20: Featured Poem

Today’s featured typewriter poetry:


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Day 20: Daily Batch of Typewriter Poetry

Here’s our daily typewriter poetry picks for Day 20. Share your thoughts in the comments!






suck myself out the heart i give it back

For this year’s National Poetry Month, I’m working on the poetry for my art book, suck myself out the heart i give it back. If you’re enjoying these poems, feel free to read about the concept or view the entire poetry collection.

April 20th, 2016

This poem was inspired by abstract thoughts about truth and evidence as alternate versions of reality (also known as lies). Read more about the inspiration behind today’s poem on my blog: 20 : suck myself out the heart i give it back

National Poetry Month Writing Quotes

Here’s a selection of previous #NaPoWriMo inspirational writing quotes.

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Enjoying the work I’ve been steadily producing? Let me know! I also encourage you to donate in my name to Tupelo Press. 100% of proceeds go to their literary press, its tax-deductible, and you’d be a patron of the arts.

See you tomorrow for more National Poetry Month, the typewriter poetry edition!



clinock · April 21, 2016 at 10:12 PM

all i can find is special to know…poetry is not dead…you / we are out there…sharing the grit…

    billimarie · April 25, 2016 at 7:52 PM

    Lovely sentiment as usual, John. In fact…”all i can find is special to know” reminds me, in the best way, of something e.e. cummings could have written. Thanks for sharing your optimism with the rest of us.

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