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What Is Typewriter Poetry?

I write poems on my pink 1950’s Royal typewriter.

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New Poetry

Billimarie and her mom in front of Audrey (II) from the Little Shop of Horrors in Jacob Maarse.

Pasadena ARTWalk & Artisanal LA Makers' Market

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of typing Free Poetry at Artisanal LA’s Makers’ Market during the Pasadena ARTWalk. Here’s a poem I wrote for Evelyn...

"Poem for Evelyn" - Evelyn holding her Typewriter Poetry poem at the Pasadena ARTWalk

Poem for Evelyn

"I watched
the birds flee from the Valley in the fire.
Wondered of the butterflies and bees..."

Beneath the Winter lies the Waiting

"the whole of us peering into the earth, listening.

I pick up a stone. Let it warm
in my palms. And when we return
(like familiar bird calls"

Private Drafts (Redux)

"Strong, cool chill
of the early, dilapidated morning

There, in its corner,
lies a song."

Featured Poems


"you rummage through faces
you face me
your wilt"

Etsy Typewriter Poetry Poem "Couple #1." Close up against midnight blue and white baroque card stock.

Couple #1

"Must've been winter
when we last laughed
over coffee

and my scorched toungue"

Etsy Typewriter Poetry Poem "Spring." Dutch angle against blue wood card stock.


"Lips an ancient pink
and skin riddled with wrinkles"

Etsy typewriter poetry poem on wooden card stock background. "Adam" by billimarie, on sale at the Typewriter Poetry Etsy shop. Dutch angle shot, in color.


"said her
limbs were

baiting him"

I Saw You Last Night

"Who says sleep
is subconscious? We don't
just meet
in our dreams, we collapse
into each other,
exhausted from travel
climbing through one
black hole
into another."

The Farmer's Market

"Quiet band
setting up. On the wrong
edge of morning
a neighborly glance
wrapped in suspicions
finds its way into 'hello'"

Friday the 13th

"Everyone's got a number.
You're either lucky
or you're not. Me?
I've been spinning off a dime, drenched
in spontaneous time."

Invisible Stains

"I am staring at my knuckles
all throughout dinner, as if I can will
myself into existence."



Of My Lover The Sea

"I would carry her burdens if she'd let me."

Couple #11

"our bodies warmed
by fires inside

thank you, vodka
and pineapples"

Butterflies of New Beginnings

"Crawling is a slow path
unto greatness, proceeding only intuition
the mother of cosmic beauty."

Couple #2

"I'm in love with you
means I got lucky

like losing a map
then finding a road"

The Hold

"I didn't know I was hurting you.
Well, you did
Well, I'm sorry"

Couple #8

drivel me timbers
i like it you like it we come
sweet nothings"


"You think I'm cute? Well,
I've got teeth
that capitalize
on uncharted territories."

Couple #4

"We shortcut paradise
with an addict
in lightning canopy rain."