Typewriter Poetry launched four years ago in 2011. Since then, I’ve been gifting Free Poetry to strangers while wandering around the States with my typewriter.

Alas, this website does not run on the fumes of our collective imagination. As such, I’ve decided to utilize affiliate links.

Reading Recommendations

(updated January 14th 2015)


I write reading recommendations for my favorite books. You can find new recommendations every two weeks on Thursdays. If a recommendation captures your fancy, you can purchase the book through an Amazon affiliate link. Typewriter Poetry will receive a small commission 🙂

There are a few other affiliate links listed below, as well as a PayPal donation button. There’s also the new Typewriter Poetry inspired Etsy shop, hello eira. Absolutely any and all support are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Web Hosting

I develop and design websites, and I absolutely geek out over DreamHost. They’ve been my favorite provider, so far–and I’ve been through the wringer when it comes to web hosts.

Whether you’re an advanced web developer or a curious blogger looking for your own domain name, DreamHost has options that will keep you satisfied. Plus, their customer service is incredible.

DreamHost (starts at $8.95 a month)

hello eira (Typewriter Poetry on Etsy)

Typewriter Poetry Etsy shop, hello eira Facebook cover and logo. It's typewritten on gray paper. The typeface font is the color of the universe.

I enjoy making literati magic. Purchase decorative poetry through hello eira, a new Typewriter Poetry inspired Etsy shop.

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If you’re not the biggest fan of affiliates (or Amazon), you can still contribute through PayPal:

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