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The Typewriter Poetry Edition

This weekend is the LA Book Fair! I’ve been working on my handmade miniature book, Epiphonia. I’ll be wandering around USC–come find me, I’d love to show you the editions I have for sale:


Transitioning from Day Eight and into Day Nine National Poetry Month. What poems have you come up with?

Get inspired by today’s fresh batch of typewriter poetry, or visit the Daily Inspiration post to read a quote from Naomi Shihab Nye and a variety of other writers speaking candidly about writing poetry.

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Day 8: Featured Poem

Today’s featured typewriter poetry:


Each day, a poem is featured on the curated @typewriterpoetry Instagram as well as the blog. Be sure to tag @typewriterpoetry / #typewriterpoetry on your Instagram pictures to be featured on the next National Poetry Month round.

Day 8: Daily Batch of Typewriter Poetry

This collection of typewriter poetry was curated by a friend. We talked of the possibilities of a three-word, two-word, one-word poem being good. He showed me a one-word haiku–“tundra”–and I mentioned that it’s technically two words, as the white space of the page functions as a word in & of itself.

#TypewriterPoetry is unique in that the framing of the photograph becomes part of the poem, itself. Elements of a photograph become part of the poem, part of the process of visually unpacking words with their intended meaning. And on the other side, what of the poem as it stands–pure language, no external visuals–just abstraction, thinking, feeling?

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, I hope you enjoy Day 8’s daily typewriter poetry.




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suck myself out the heart i give it back

For this year’s National Poetry Month, I’m working on the poetry for my art book, suck myself out the heart i give it back. If you’re enjoying these poems, feel free to read about the concept or view the entire poetry collection.

April 8th, 2016

Today’s poem came about after seeing a man standing on the side of the freeway among shadows and plants at 1 AM.


You can read the brief backstory about today’s poem on my blog: 08 : suck myself out the heart i give it back

Donate to Tupelo Press

For #NationalPoetryMonth, I’m fundraising on behalf of Tupelo Press, a small literary publisher. Tupelo’s 30/30 Project is an all-year monthly round of writing a poem a day. Check out their website and read the collection of poetry we’ve volunteered to write.


Enjoying the work I’ve been steadily producing? Let me know! I also encourage you to donate in my name to Tupelo Press. 100% of proceeds go to their literary press, it’s tax-deductible, and you’d be a patron of the arts.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s fresh batch of typewriter poetry for National Poetry Month. Thanks for following the adventure!



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