A Poem A Day: the Typewriter Poetry edition

The first week of National Poetry Month is coming to a close! For Day 7, are you writing any poetry?

For daily inspiration, meditate on today’s quote provided by the gracious Maya Angelou, or visit the Daily Typewriter Poetry post to read today’s featured typewriter poetry.


Daily Writing Inspiration

Our writing quote of the day is brought to you by one of the greatest contemporary American poets of our time, Maya Angelou. Previous inspirational poetry writing quotes:

Inspirational Poetry Quote

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

“Iconoclasts” – Dave Chappelle and Maya Angelou

A fantastic talk between two interesting people–or as Dave Chappelle puts it: “a pretty odd pairing, even by my standards.”

Honestly one of the most beautiful television show (?) episodes I’ve seen. I can’t remember where or why I came across it years ago, but to this day, it still stays with me.

Watch it, or to just listen to it as you go about your day. An honest exchange of intimate vulnerabilities. I watch it to catch the gems passing between two people, and place it on my own windowsill.



“Old Folks Laugh” by Maya Angelou

There are so many fantastic poems by Maya Angelou, it’s hard to determine where to begin and what to share. For today’s inspiration, enjoy a lesser known one: Old Folks Laugh

Old Folks Laugh

by Maya Angelou


They have spent their
content of simpering,
holding their lips this
and that way, winding
the lines between
their brows. Old folks
allow their bellies to jiggle like slow
The hollers
rise up and spill
over any way they want.
When old folks laugh, they free the world.
They turn slowly, slyly knowing
the best and the worst
of remembering.
Saliva glistens in
the corners of their mouths,
their heads wobble
on brittle necks, but
their laps
are filled with memories.
When old folks laugh, they consider the promise
of dear painless death, and generously
forgive life for happening
to them.



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For #NationalPoetryMonth, I’m fundraising on behalf of Tupelo Press, a small literary publisher. Tupelo’s 30/30 Project is an all-year monthly round of writing a poem a day. Check out their website. You can read the collection of poetry I volunteered to write for the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project. I also encourage you to donate in my name to Tupelo Press. 100% of proceeds go to their literary press, it’s tax-deductible, and you’ll be a patron of the arts!


suck myself out the heart i give it back


Enjoying the work I’ve been steadily producing for National Poetry Month? It’s for my upcoming art book, suck myself out the heart i give it back. Tag along for the ride! You can watch my artistic process unfold at blog.billimarie.com.



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