Monday getting you down? Get a jolt of inspiration from one of my favorite writers, Roberto Bolaño (author of 2666: A Novel)!

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Thanks for joining us for Day 11, Poem 11 of April 2016’s National Poetry Month!

Day 11, Poem 11

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Kicking off the week with daily inspiration from the wonderfully reckless Roberto Bolaño. Previous inspirational poetry writing quotes include:

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Only poetry isn’t shit.”

Roberto Bolaño

Roberto Bolaño

Considering the strange and reckless life I’ve been living, it’s no surprise that The Savage Detectives: A Novel by Roberto Bolaño is one of my favorite books…or that Bolaño is one of my favorite writers.


“The Romantic Dogs” by Roberto Bolaño

I came across Bolaño’s poetry collection, The Romantic Dogs, a year after reading The Savage Detectives: A Novel. During the infamous Panmelys Mad Hatter Tea Parties at the Parisian bookstore Shakespeare and Co, I read this poem aloud to a room full of strangers from places all over the world.

Originally written in Spanish, this collection was translated a few years ago into English. The title poem, “The Romantic Dogs,” is one of my favorites. It’s an anthem to youthful rebellion, and foreshadowing the inevitable decay of dreams from a reckless spirit grown old.

The Romantic Dogs

by Roberto Bolaño


Back then, I’d reached the age of twenty
and I was crazy.
I’d lost a country
but won a dream.
As long as I had that dream
nothing else mattered.
Not working, not praying
not studying in the morning light
alongside the romantic dogs.
And the dream lived in the void of my spirit.
A wooden bedroom,
cloaked in half-light,
deep in the lungs of the tropics.
And sometimes I’d retreat inside myself
and visit the dream: a statue eternalized
in liquid thoughts,
a white worm writhing
in love.
A runaway love.
A dream within another dream.
And the nightmare telling me: you will grow up.
You’ll leave behind the images of pain and of the labyrinth
and you’ll forget.
But back then, growing up would have been a crime.
I’m here, I said, with the romantic dogs
and here I’m going to stay.



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